Brett Leaving

To our chiropractic ‘family’ – our patients!

It is with great regret that we write to inform you of the departure of chiropractor Brett Jarosz from our clinic. Effective Wednesday May 31st, Brett will no longer be consulting at the Gisborne Chiropractic Clinic, and will soon-after begin practice in South Yarra. Brett’s decision to leave is rooted in his need to achieve a greater work/life balance and to explore new opportunities after 9 (enjoyable!) years at this practice.

Thank you for your support over the years and trust in Brett’s abilities to serve you and your family. You will still be able to continue your care with chiropractors Simon Brice, Verity Ellis, Bruce Ellis and our new practitioner Brayden Allen, who is also sports chiropractic, FNOR and enhance running assessment trained. Brayden will be working with Brett over the coming weeks to ensure a smooth transition, and will also be taking over the same hours previously worked by Brett.

Rest assured we will continue to be able to provide up-to-date, evidence based sports and manual medicine care, as well as balance/vertigo related care for any patient that requires these services. We are excited to be updating our skills with the recent study of functional neuro-orthopaedic rehabilitation (FNOR) by all of our chiropractors, and now also offer extra advanced assessments such as slow motion gait analysis as well as our usual computerised balance (stability) assessments and the like.

Please contact the clinic if you have any further questions. I’m sure you will join us in wishing Brett all the best for the future, and thank him for the excellent service he has provided to the local community for the past 9 years. We know we will continue to watch Brett go from strength to strength on the world chiropractic and medical stage.

Seminar this coming weekend

Heads up that all of us (chiropractors) will be attending the third FNOR seminar this Friday-Sunday. As such, if you feel you need an appointment try and get in before Friday otherwise next week we’re back to normal hours. Can’t wait for a nerdy weekend!!!

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Running Workshop

Running Workshop!
After a bit of a running workshop drought we finally have one scheduled for Saturday March 4th. It will start at 1.30pm at Dixon Field, a few hundred metres from the clinic. Cost is $75 and includes an individual analysis of your running technique. Conducted by sports chiropractor Brett Jarosz, places are limited to 10 only. Call the clinic to get on the list on 5428 2669.

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Brett away

Chiropractor Brett Jarosz is currently away, and will return to the clinic on Tuesday January 3rd.  Bruce Ellis will also be off for the period between Christmas and New Year’s day and also back on the 3rd.  See our ‘Hours’ page for full details regarding Christmas opening hours.  Simon will be covering a number of Brett’s hours, including Wednesday afternoons and all day Fridays.

“Giving Back”


This year on Monday, December 5th, we will be holding our annual “Giving Back” day, where we will provide our usual chiropractic care in exchange for toys.  If you have an appointment on the day, instead of paying for your care, bring us an unwrapped, new toy to the value of your care. All toys collected on the day will be donated to The Salvation Army in Sunbury to be  distributed to families in need this Christmas.  Last year was a great success and we hope to do even better this year!  We will accept any other donations in the lead up to be passed on to the Salvo’s.

Weekend Seminar

Due to our attendance at the first of 6 modules studying the latest in neuro-orthopaedic rehabilitation, there will be no chiropractors in the clinic this Friday and Saturday October 28th and 29th.  We will be back on deck on Monday just before the Tuesday public holiday.  The phones will be staffed on Friday and Saturday for any inquiries.

Final Year Student Placement

We’ve had our fantastic final (5th) year chiropractic student Rhiannon Ezard with us for a few weeks now – thank you to all those who have already made her feel welcome!  Rhiannon is working with Bruce for the next 4-5 weeks or so – so those of you seeing Bruce get “2-for-1”!  If you’re uncomfortable for any reason with this, let us know – it’s no problem at all.


Over the coming several weeks we will have some senior students floating around the clinic observing us and (hopefully) learning something – please make them feel welcome (although it is not compulsory for them to be in the room during your treatment).

Giving Back toys for treatment day a success!

A great big THANK YOU to all of those who donated toys for our ‘Giving Back’ campaign on Monday, and to those who have donated toys in the lead up to the day. We are pleased to say that we had a big boot load of toys estimated to be hundreds of dollars worth to donate to the Salvation Army yesterday, who were very grateful for everyone’s generosity. These toys will allow dozens of children to enjoy Christmas this year so once again THANK YOU EVERYONE!!

‘Giving Back’ toys for treatment day

Next Monday December 7th is ‘Giving Back Day’, a day where we will be donating our (chiropractic) services to charity. Instead of asking for payment, we will ask clients on Giving Back Day to donate a toy to the value of their consultation which we will give to The Salvation Army (Sunbury) to help local kids in need of a better Christmas this year.
We’ve had lots of good feedback about the campaign and recommend you book in soon if you want to take part. Please make sure presents are unwrapped, so that volunteers can best match your present to a child in need. Just one toy required per person (to the approximate value of your consultation), although we will be accepting any other toy donations until the morning of Wednesday the 9th.