Appointment Types

Like all healthcare centres, and due to the individual and changing nature of patients’ and their required treatments and assessments, we have a variety of different appointment types designed to facilitate the best possible outcome for your care.  The following outlines the appointment types and times.  Please feel free to call us with any questions.


Initial/Long appointment

This appointment type is for patients we have never seen before, OR for patients we have not seen for over 2 years.  The reason for this is to allow us adequate time to review and update your health history and perform an examination to assess your current health.  Sometimes when patients return to us they have a re-aggravation of an old problem, but often they have a new problem that needs to be properly assessed.  We appreciate that this can be frustrating for returning patients, however, our goal is to be as thorough as possible when assessing your health, and we prefer not to take any short-cuts.  Typically allow at least 40 minutes for this appointment type.


Re-examination appointment

A re-examination is performed on a patient who hasn’t attended the chiropractic side of the clinic for longer than 12 months.  Much like a long appointment, more time is required to properly assess your current health complaint and update your health records. We often find patients may present with new complaints at this time as well, which require a full assessment. This appointment is usually double the amount of time of a standard appointment.


Double/Special Consultation

These appointments are for particular appointment types such as exercise therapy appointments, review of radiological investigations (such as MRI, X-Rays etc.) or specialised treatments or assessments such as Shockwave Therapy, or computerised balance or gait assessments.  This appointment is usually double the the amount of time of a standard appointment.


Standard Consultation

By far our most common appointment type, this is the ‘usual’ appointment whereby ongoing care is delivered once an initial or re-examination has occurred and a diagnosis and management plan formulated.  These appointments are generally 10-20 minutes long.


Complex/Extended Initial Consultation

These are appointment types reserved for the initial contact we have with patients who are experiencing more complex health problems.  Often these are neurologically based problems, but can also be those referred from other chiropractors or medical specialists for an assessment and opinion.  These appointments are also reserved for initial consultation with children under the age of 2 years old with Verity, in order to allow enough time to do a full developmental assessment. Please note that due to the long time period required and recent last-minute cancellations, complex initial appointments require a deposit at the time of booking.  This deposit may be forfeited if the appointment is cancelled within 24 hours of the appointment time.  These appointments usually take at least an hour.


Complex/Extended Standard Consultation

This is the appointment that our complex patients use for their ‘standard/return’ care appointments.  Typically allow at least 30 minutes for this appointment type.


Family Consultation

A family consultation is applied when 3 or more members of the same immediate family attend the same chiropractor for a standard type appointment on the same day.  Please note that this cannot be applied to family members who would otherwise be an ‘Initial’, ‘Re-exam’ or other type of appointment.



Treatment provided under schemes such as WorkCover, EPC (Medicare) or other third party schemes all attract their own individual fee structures, usually put forth by Government agencies on an annual basis.  Usually we charge the scheduled fee.  Please note that usually the patient is responsible for payment at the time of the appointment, and is then able to claim their fee back from the relevant agency.  Appointment times vary according to need and appointment type.

Other fees such as for massage, Chinese Medicine and Naturopathy are set by the relevant practitioners and associated businesses – please contact the clinic for current fee structures for these services.

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