Leanne Wall

Myotherapy and Remedial Massage Therapy

Leanne is currently practicing as a Myotherapist with previous qualifications in Diploma of Remedial Massage, Equine Myofunctional Therapy and Postural Integration.

Her aim is to assist and aid in preventing muscular pain and dysfunction by focusing to restore optimal activity.

These areas include Body, Mind, Emotions and cleansing cellular structure. Also bringing your awareness to your body to create personal growth and health.

Treatment techniques include:

Dry Needling                          Stretching

Cupping                                   Prescribed exercises for strengthening

Deep tissue                             Pregnancy massage

Trigger Point Therapy          Joint Mobilisation

Rehabilitation programs      Pain management

Leanne has worked as a Massage Therapist for the charity Chainreaction Challenge where Businesses create teams of cyclist to ride a thousand kilometers in six days to raise funds for sick and underprivileged children.

Other conditions that have presented to Leanne over the years include postural alignment, injuries caused by impact, breaks, tears, pain in back, shoulders and neck and many more.

Days and Hours for appointments;

Tuesday      2pm – 7pm

Thursday     9.30am – 7pm

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