Shoulder Conditions

Many people suffer shoulder injuries, and they can happen for a number of different reasons – falling onto the outstretched arm, lifting something too heavy, repetitive movements or sustaining a blow to the shoulder.  There are many structures that can be damaged in the shoulder (it being the most complex joint in the body) – including the rotator cuff group of tendons, subacromial bursa, shoulder ligaments, joint capsule, and all the muscles and associated joints about the shoulder.

Common shoulder conditions we see and treat include:

Rotator Cuff Tears

Biceps Tendonopthy

Subacromial Bursitis

Impingement Syndromes

Calcific Tendonitis

Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Treatment type varies and can range from mobilisation, soft tissue therapies, ultrasound, shockwave therapy, taping, dry needling and rehabilitative exercises.  If further imaging or assessments are required we can organise these directly or in conjunction with your general medical practitioner.

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Shoulder Conditions

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