Knee Conditions

Knee pain is a common complaint and can be the result of acute sporting injuries, improper mechanics or arthritis.  We often treat  pre and post surgical knee problems (such as after an arthroscope), as well as from sporting injuries (such as netball or football).   Chiropractor Brett Jarosz has a particular interest and skills in running assessment and mechanics.

Examples of knee conditions we commonly see are:

Post surgical rehabilitation

Patello-femoral Syndrome/Patellar Tracking Dysfunction

ITB Syndrome


Acute Sprains

Meniscus (cartilage) Tears

Recent evidence has indicated that damaged knee cartilage responds as well to conservative care as to surgical care, so we are often a first point of call to manage damaged knees in an attempt to avoid surgical intervention.

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Knee Conditions

Knee pain is a common complaint and can be the result of acute sportin...

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